Vidrepur ref M Caribe

Regular price: 57,70 €

Web price: 46,16 €/m2

Quality: 1. class / Made in EU

Producer: Vidrepur Glass Mosaic

Color: Green

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This mosaic comes from Spain, which is one of the best producers of ceramic tiles in the world. With size of the grid 31,5×31,5 cm to which this mosaic is attached, this mosaic is appropriate for different surfaces. This mosaic is available in wonderful green dominant color. If you would like any other color, please contact us and we will check with the producer. 5 mm of thickness is enough even for more demanding customers. Vidrepur ref M Caribe is available at a great price of 46,16 EUR.

Technical description: Minimum order 1 box – Delivery fee 30 Euro/box in all EU
Glass mosaic dimension: 25x25x5 mm