Vidrepur ref M deco 7

Regular price: 57,70 €

Web price: 46,16 €/m2

Quality: 1. class / Made in EU

Producer: Vidrepur Glass Mosaic

Color: Blue, Pink, White

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5 mm of thickness is enough even for more demanding customers. Vidrepur ref M deco 7 is from Spain and is of high quality. Very modern mosaic in dominant white color refreshes every room. Dimensions of the grid to which is this mosaic attached are 31,5×31,5 cm. Grid makes installing of this mosaic easier. 57,7 EUR in regular store and only 46,16 EUR in our web store.

Technical description: Minimum order 1 box – Delivery fee 30 Euro/box in all EU
Glass mosaic dimension: 25x25x5 mm